How To Make A Huge Dent In The Universe: A Parable For Entrepreneurs Who Think Big

Back in ancient history and ancient civilizations, the mines were the object of attention for generations and generations of enterprising men, cities and kingdoms. The Chinese mined gold, the Egyptians mined gold, Alexander the Great had gold, the Romans mined and extracted gold. Every important historical figure it seems, has had something or other to […]


Please Don’t Show Hillary This Post: 6 Things A Female Donald Trump Would Say To Win A Debate Against Trump 2016

The Donald has made a big splash in almost every presidential debate he’s entered beginning with the first debates in Cleveland, Ohio in 2015. Nothing, it seems, can get him down. He’s just too smart a player for anyone…except, quite possibly, another Donald Trump. To make it a more amenable an affair, how about a […]


Exclusive Guide: How To Fix The 7 Deadly Sins That Can Wipe Your Hotel’s Search Traffic and Repeat Bookings

You’re in for a lengthy post, so buckle up! Download as PDF You’ve discovered this timely SEO guide to getting your hotel or resort back in front of potential visitors and the search engines! Before you high-five yourself, some sobering thoughts. The booking landscape is now more competitive than ever for hotels and resorts. If […]


Do-It-Yourself SEO tips from a SEO Consultant

When thinking about what advice to give my clients as a SEO Consultant, I’m focused on giving advice that can hopefully educate them and teach them something about the Search engine optimization process.

The same applies to Social Media Strategy. By teaching them and educating them whilst working through a site optimization, I want to enable them to be able to apply the ideas themselves in a latter setting.

3 Keys to Growth Hacking

As an entrepreneur, I’ve been growing this blog as well as an ecommerce site for face masks, beauty products and other projects I do for clients. You can check out some of my previous pieces on this blog on the topics of how to succeed as an entrepreneur, SEO and social media strategy. One challenge I’ve […]


The 5 Career-Changing Books Used By The Smartest of the Bunch Entrepreneurs

I want to recommend you a book that will change your entire outlook. But first, I’m assuming you are an entrepreneur, as this 5-book punch will only really have the desired effect on an entrepreneur’s thought process and his/her career progress. These are move-fast books for move-fast people, and not suitable for a traditional 9-to-5 […]