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I’m a digital marketer focused on generating traffic, working typically for hotels, real estate companies, startups and businesses in high-competition locations when I’m not blogging about travel, internet business and marketing ideas I find around the internet.

Pop Culture 2.0 SEO

My unique approach to hotel and other business marketing focuses on communicating the value you bring to the table and communicating that value in an attractive, attention-grabbing way on your site and online. Then I integrate these value signals into SEO and social media optimizations so visitors trust your hotel site for bookings and return visits. For other businesses, Value Signals means communicating your unique selling proposition in an attractive, evocative way on your landing pages in a concise, surgical way.

The Fun Side

HackishWord the blog shows what being an entrepreneur is REALLY like along with giving battle-tested marketing tips for generating traffic and providing value to your market.

 My goal is to assist clients with refining their marketing approach and brand profitably with a digital audience.
(Also, I’m interested in connecting with other talented people, if you’re a good junior developer, digital marketer or designer with time on your hands, please reach out on my email below)

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I am an expert on social media, blogging, online customer engagement and the new marketing landscape. When you get me on your side, you’re bringing years of experience to bear, and will markedly improve your customer interactions and new business acquisition.


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