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Some Singers And The Blues

Here’s an insight into some of the music greats who just seem to stay around in my playlists and make for really good working music. I’m a pretty big music fan and make some music in my spare time (at least I try to make music haha). So what do I look for in a good singer/songwriter?

Old Favorites Die Hard


I’ve been a fan of Gary Moore since hearing his immaculate guitar lines on “That’s Why I Play The Blues”. Gary Moore makes the blues real, the way he sings ’em and the way ‘e plays ’em. So he’s got a spot in my playlists, no matter the time or season.

Where to, the Gentry?


Montgomery Gentry give that vibe of the “good ol’ boys” from the ‘hood. So yes, they certainly are kicking around somewhere in my playlists. Besides, they write pretty well. Their songs tell relevant stories about country life, and then add a little something extra. You gotta hear them for yourself!

What?! These Youngish Bozzos: Hinder


A lot of “cool” people like to hate on Hinder. Okay, okay, I get it! Yes their lead singer was an alcoholic, but the dude has been recovering and stuff, so let’s get on with it. And besides, the guy can sing! Alright, and their rhtythm section is quite strong for a modern band. Not quite AC/DC Malcom Young strong, but strong nonetheless. So if there’s space in my playlists, I want me some Hinder in there as well!

Okay, enough about my playlists, what’s in your playlist?