How to be an entrepreneur: the essential guide

Few occupations are better than being an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, the world is your oyster, and you can pursue whatever opportunities take your fancy.

Why then is it that few choose the path not taken and do not become entrepreneurs?

How to be an entrepreneur, the simplified version

How to be an entrepreneur, the simplified version

Most likely fear is one such reason, along with a host of other good reasons like working for a company whose mission you passionately believe in, and so forth.

Here his my essential guide to be an entrepreneur and to do entrepreneurship well.

Learn Marketing

Marketing is the process of communicating your message and brand in the marketplace.

A traditional job, unless it is in the marketing department of your company, or the sales department, is generally not good preparation to master this skill.

Entrepreneurs I respect like Brian Tracy and Jim Rohn have talked about the importance of marketing and sales.

You’ll want to look them up and learn a thing or two about marketing from these guys.

Quit your job, or start a business on the side

It’s hard to be an entrepreneur whilst you’re employed full-time. It requires a certain dogged tenacity to take your entrepreneurial venture seriously if you’re only spending a few hours a week on it. But it can be done.

Consider starting your business on the side, then, once it becomes profitable, drop your other commitments so you can double down on your new entrepreneurial ventures.

Develop grit or: entrepreneurial stamina

Develop grit or: entrepreneurial stamina

Develop a reputation, and more importantly, capability, for grit

Grit is the ability to exercise mental strength to an extent perhaps not routinely demanded of all people equally at all times.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve had to fight competition, nip problems in the bud, stare failure in the face, and still make the correct call, to move on, and always operate with little in the way of a safety net.

This is not your mama’s kindergarten.

This is entrepreneurship.

Blood, sweat and tears.

I urge you to develop the mental character to sustain yourself in the marathon of your life.

Focus single-mindedly on growing your business

Focus is essential. If you can’t focus you’re as good as dead in this business.

And growth is essential. If you don’t grow you’ll diminish and get crushed under by your competitors.

Needless to say, you need to focus on growth. Focus on growing your reputation. Grow your client list. Grow your sales. Grow your revenue. Grow every good thing that can be grown in your business.

Learn Sales

You didn’t think marketing was enough, did you?

You gonna need to get down-and-dirty with sales.

Think like a salesman. Yes, act like one. Peddle your wares, wherever you might be. I don’t care. Social Media: Facebook, Youtube, Vine, Pinterest, wherever.

If people are there, you should be there. And if you’re there, you’re never without your product or service in hand. If networking in person, have a well-designed business card you hand out to all new acquaintances. Over time, this will bring in a steady stream of leads to your business.

If you don’t care enough about your product to sell it 24/7, then you’re probably attempting to sell the wrong product, and should focus on something different.

Read like a PhD Student. Well, a good PhD student.

That means stacks and stacks of books, treatises, academic works, works by practitioners, works by theoreticians, works by men of action, any kind of useful works in your field.

The more you read, the more your mind becomes exercised to spot opportunities where others only see challenges.

Typically, some people will dismiss new opportunities when they first see them. That’s because a lot of times, these people are not reading up on the latest available information. They’re probably making decisions on the basis of facts that existed 10-20 years ago and will therefore miss the turn of the tide when it comes. Don’t be like that.

Read like a real-life thesis PhD Student. As a thesis  PhD student, the whole universe of material in your topic is your exam reading, so you don’t dismiss stuff that could prove useful merely because “it’s not assigned reading”. If reading it doesn’t hurt, read it you shall.

Act like a man of action

A healthy bias for action will stand you in good stead in this field.

Look at all the accomplished entrepreneurs. Almost without exception, their success has come as a result of consistent, tenuous hard work.

Attack early, and relent last. Fire on your quarry hard, and fire at will. Pursue the quarry as far and as fast as you need to. There are NO LIMITS. You are the master of your destiny. Welcome to Entrepreneurship.





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