My Move to Elixir

I have recently started my efforts to learn the Elixir programming language.

The time feels right. There’s a lot of things that make it the right approach.

Elixir is relatively new. I heard about it from some other Erlang people, and Joe Armstrong had some pretty nice things to say about the new programming language.

For someone who thinks that Erlang and Racket, along with OCaml, are possibly the three best programming languages ever invented, it makes a ton of sense to delve into Elixir, and do some more coding kungfu with a new but familiar-feeling samurai sword.

What am I going to do in particular with Elixir?


Elixir runs on the Erlang VM, which means Erlang processes and all the goodness that Erlang has to offer. So, lightning fast apps, infinitely scalable, and robust systems that are insanely reliable and trouble-free. First class computing at the finest.

And there’s a bunch of web focused frameworks that have mushroomed up in the Elixir community over the last couple of years, Phoenix and a bunch of others.

A phoenix rises

A Phoenix Rises in Erlang Land

In particular I’ll be releasing some long planned web and mobile products of my own, along with a ton of cutting-edge apps for clients.

For some of the API needs, Elixir looks like it will fit the bill quite well, and is eminently well-prepared to power the next breakout app on the App Stores.

Quaff the Elixir

Quaff the Elixir, Do Anything With It, But Ignore it At Your Own Peril

Get in now while the goodies are still hot from the oven.

Let’s build exciting apps!



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