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Why 90% of Startups Are Unprofitable

For a lot of startups, sales and customer development are the last thing that founders and engineers think of when launching a startup.

If you know how to sell, you’re far ahead of the game. Most of your peers do not have this skill and that’s why most are in fact struggling.

How will this Booster help my startup

The Startup Profitability Booster involves your team and myself going through your product, and collecting the most pertinent information possible from a target market of customers, then coming up with and executing the strategies to sell your product.

We’re talking instant signups at the end of this process! You can quickly go from zero to a hundred, paying customers. My tips and sales techniques will have customers asking you to sign them on, not the other way around, you begging customers for a subscription.

Do I need to be a sales pro to use this service

You don’t need to be an experienced salesman to use this service. However, you must be open to learning proper sales technique and to execute all the sales advice and customer development strategies I will show you and demonstrate in live sessions with actual customers. And for your startup to succeed long-term, you need to assimilate these techniques and execute them on your own so you, too, will indeed become a great salesman or woman.

Sales is fun

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