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Hackishword contributes to open source software development and is involved in advancing the state of the art. Work with us in software to improve revenues and business profitability through ecommerce or customer-focused product solutions.


Areas of Software Practice

We are contributors to these open source projects on Github, and work with clients who want to rely on these proven technologies for your specific commercial use-case.

Solidus and Ruby on Rails for Ecommerce

Apache Spark Development for Big Data Applications

Phoenix and Elixir Development for Startup Web Apps

React Native Development for Android & iOS Mobile Apps

ReactJS for Beautiful Front-End and UX

Cocos2d-X Mobile Game Development with C++


Why Go With Open Source?

Shared Expertise

Leverage the expertise of thousands of individual and corporate contributors


Our curated open source focus relies on some of the most outstanding libraries and frameworks in category to give you world class foundations and the expertise to build world class solutions on top of them.


You can always modify it to do what you want, keeping your organization agile and ahead of the curve. 


Open source, done right, can contribute massively to your business and bottom line.


HackishWord can raise your business profitability by as much as 3X. This kind of open source leverage is mind-blowing.

Development that allows you to sleep well at night.


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