The Hierarchy of Human Faculties

It’s always fascinated me to scope out the realms of human faculties, and what determines the things we do, our impulses, inclinations, actions, and destiny and so forth.

Here’s a corollary, on the matter of actions:

Someone said:

“Sow a thought, and reap a deed.

Sow a deed and reap a habit.

Sow a habit and reap a character.

Now character is destiny, so:

Sow a character, and reap your destiny.”

This is interesting in many ways, which I won’t go into now because this is merely an example for now.

The real issue which I want to write about and put down before I forget this thought I’ve had for a long time, is the hierarchy of Man’s faculties.

Forget whatever the psychologists say, I’m very convinced, increasingly, of the accuracy of this hierarchy.

At the most basic, most primitive level, we have: Bodily Impulses

I think we all know what these are, and we all have a very ready bias to act on them first. Hunger, cold, pleasant sounds, sweet food, tasty dishes, aroma of good stew or what-have-you, human touch, mating instincts, adrenaline rush of physical activity, the thrill of speed, the thrill of action, and so forth.

The animals are also very good in this department. If anything, animals probably possess these appetites and decision-making faculty in a very similar way. Dogs probably appreciate the smell and savor of a good chicken stew better than human faculties, on the merely physiological response level.

At a slightly more advanced level, but still very basic, we have: Emotional Impulses

Emotions are common and well-known to us. Someone shouts at you, you get a bad emotion, so of course you shout back. So we do use this impulse as the driver of decision quite a lot in our lives. Emotions have to do with some subliminal brain functions that concern how we feel about ourselves, the un-rational part of our sense of self, and us, and what concerns us as our chief interest, at a “feeling” level without putting any thought or physiological concern into it. You can go fight an army of thousands that is obviously bigger than you, and looks threatening and menacing on a physiological level, if your emotions are pushed in the right way and your sense of feeling is hurt or wounded or triggered in the right ways. Yes you can. So it’s a faculty, and we use it quite frequently as the basis for decisions. I imagine the animals must have emotions in some way, but they probably begin to lag behind humans on this faculty because, m, their emotional brains are just not as big.

Then, at perhaps the most commonly defined human essential: The Rational Mental Cognitive Impulses

We also have a bias towards thinking. Sit down for a while, with nothing to do, you will feel things emotionally, you will hear and feel things, maybe the temperature on your screen and so on, but what else? Your brain, as a human being, will also begin to think! It will begin to categorize experiences, and define good and bad things, and define what was good, and what was suboptimal, and what it should probably do next, and so on. And on and on.

Now the animals do think in some measure. But we greatly begin to outstrip them and go so far beyond them in this capacity as to render them almost totally irrational, compared to the rational, cognitive faculties of a human being. And so the rational impulse is a good impulse on which we base a lot of our decisions and actions.

Finally, at a final, little-acknowledged level, we have: The Spiritual Impulse

Hate it as much as you do, but the spiritual aspect of mankind is too real to ignore. There are man who pursue bad, when it’s obvious from a merely rational thought that the bad actions they have done are doing harm to millions of others, and rationally they are aware of it, emotionally, they feel remorse about some of the bad they have done, and physiologically they are repulsed by the sight of it, but they must do it nonetheless, in obedience to some higher law or impulse.

Yes, I say, their spirit is gone completely bad, and in the face of all other protestation to the contrary, they must carry out some dark and evil act in obedience to their inner spiritual darkness and evil, and that is their biggest driver or impulse, the inner spiritual darkness of murderers and thieves and psychopaths, who carry out these things in defiance even of their acknowledged mental convictions to the contrary.

So, the spiritual impulse, whether you acknowledge it or not, has to do with GOOD vs EVIL, and I know a lot of people, especially intellectual and emotional and merely-physiological types, are all against this distinction, and that’s because, each stage of the impulse chain is inevitably against the next, and as humans we each decide which level we want to live in, which level defines our existence. And in a sense, we are stuck in one or the other level, and our actions and decisions show it. And if you’re stuck in the lower levels, your life will be less and less fundamentally sound, and your decisions and actions will show it.

And ultimately, if you are ruled by anything less than spiritual truth, you will tend to be more and more EVIL, because, at the spiritual level is the thrust and direction of a man’s soul set, and that pervades and overrides everything else, and it  has to do, as I said, with setting a man’s soul on the side of Good or Evil, and so to get it wrong there means to be necessarily in the thrust and pitch of evil.

Now, Good has to do with God, Creator of mankind. This used to be common knowledge once, when spiritual reality was commonly acknowledged, but now the lower faculties and impulses of men rule more and more in a wider and wider majority of the population, we are become like animals, and lower, hence your urges to resist this statement.

And God sent Jesus Christ His Son to save us from the evil of the flesh and the lower impulses which are against spiritual truth, and by Him, some have truly been saved from this wicked and evil generation. Apart from Jesus Christ, however, we are all a bunch of lost souls, driven to wreck through the evil of our dark impulses.

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