Things That Don’t Matter

Things that don't matter

Ask any entrepreneur what their most important resource is, and they will likely say “Time”. There’s a good reason for this.

As an entrepreneur, you’re in the business of applying your time, knowledge and effort into crafting something that will be of economic value to others in the marketplace. That’s entrepreneurship in a nutshell. All else is more or less scenery and nuance.

One of the lessons you quickly learn is that time is very much nearly the driving constraint behind every sort of entrepreneurial endeavor you may try.

And the more you go along and learn this, the less and less certain things matter, the farther and farther you go.

Here’s a few of these things that don’t seem to matter in the long run of entrepreneurship:

Dotting T’s and whatnot

As an entrepreneur, you will very likely be looking to cut short-cuts on things that are not essential. Can’t quite decide which office building has the better view? Choose either one!

Can’t attend the events because they coincide with two other really important functions you have to attend? Well, out goes that one!

Didn’t dot the Ts and whatnot and you still needed to get the report out? Well, out go the Ts, and the other one. I’ve actually forgotten what the other one is, it’s just not essential at this point.


I used to work with a super programmer named “Mark”. The interesting thing about Mark is that he was probably one of the smartest programming people I’ve ever worked with. But he also was never the best-dressed person in the office, I can’t remember a single day you’d have mistaken him for that.

He was more focused on fundamentals, and everyone knew it, that’s why he didn’t need to keep up the common appearances like everyone else.

Now, I’m a bit lucky I have stylish and helpful family members around who make sure I look good and dress well. As a designer I value good style, but it does come at a cost. What could you accomplish if you adopted a bit more barebones approach? You decide for yourself.


I stepped down from my last job in the last couple of months to pursue my entrepreneurial interests and to help a ton of startups build and deliver great products.

Since then, I’ve probably received a few thousand random emails from the internet in my inbox. In amongst the lot, is a few good ones that I will get to soon. But in the meantime, my time for correspondence has become more and more constrained. As an entrepreneur, you’re stuck doing hard work and can barely stick your head up long enough to admire some of the good things of life.

Popular Opinion

This is one of the things you have to reluctantly toss out the door when you become an entrepreneur in your own right. You got no time and no business worrying about what the market or other people’s opinions are on your industry or your business, or whatever.

They think ecommerce is dead? Whatever!

They say there’s another bubble in internet stocks? See, you can’t let words like this discourage you.

Focus on the essentials. Focus on what you can do, and focus on what you are doing, and go out the door and get it done. Your customers and fans will thank you for it.

What does matter?

Likewise, there’s a lot that matters.

But I’ll sum it up succinctly and say: keep on mission, execute like a flood, and goodspeed!

The world needs a whole bunch of entrepreneurial types all solving each other’s and the world’s problems. To what extremes will you go?

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