Why Foundation Rocks for Developing Your App

In the past I developed apps with a mix of Bootstrap, Sass, Bourbon and other great UI frameworks. Recently I’ve made the switch to Foundation by Zurb. Going forward most of my apps involving HTML will use Foundation. I think relying on a great tool like Foundation can save you time, development costs and ultimately lead to faster product development and shorter time to market.

Foundation rocks and can help you ship great apps quick, and here’s why.

Great Defaults

Out of the box, Foundation comes with sensible defaults and a nice layout. Buttons, forms, blocks, notifications, and the like, are already themed nicely so you can prototype really quickly. If you need to override things down the line, you’ll have a far easier time doing so from such a solid, eh, foundation! I guess now I know why it’s Foundation…

Simple and Straightforward

The other thing you will notice is how simple and straightforward Foundation is. It really has a flat learning curve, and you can find plenty of sound tutorials on the internet. You shouldn’t have too much room to get lost. Just go over the docs a few times, and check out some of the tutorials that Zurb has on their learning page.


A Ton of Useful Conventions

Foundation ships with mobile-first responsiveness, a first-class grid system, simple naming conventions, a command-line tool via Foundation CLI and plenty of other goodies. What this means for you and your team is that you can piggyback on a battle-tested UI framework and get apps done fast!

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