You! Stop Worrying and Gain Traffic Like Apple.

Welcome to a revolutionary blog post.

I mean, it’s such a small thing for something that could change your life.

“How?”, you ask.

Most people want to sell better, become a better salesman, a better organization, however they want to put it, but few actually know how to sell in a natural, effortless way that keep customers and rivals hooked.

This makes sense. If it was easy, we’d all be doing it, and we’d all be insanely, fabulously rich.

What would an extra 500 sales mean for your company? What about if you could repeat that and standardize it? What would a 50% greater brand recognition and mostly sales mean to your brand value and bottom line?

It could mean the ability to finally expand your team and pursue more ambitious global growth. Think about it. If you could invest more in your business, you could be bringing in more and more business, and reach more customers. Pretty soon, you could be a household name.

To get there requires work, but the right kind of work.

See, we’ve all been the victims of some elaborate con.

You know how most businessmen try to market their product or service. They approach some “cold” prospects like Arnold Schwarzenneger, with an equally cold offer and a cookie-cutter feature list of their product or service and why it’s the best thing the client has ever seen.

You know the result:

They totally spook their target, who run off into their competitors’ camp and loudly crow about what a mean bunch of good-for-nothings those first guys were. And “gosh, they were just after my money!”

Or some sorry variation of the above.

That’s how the standard script has been drilled into our minds: Sell, sell, sell!

And the equally standard results that can slow your new business development to a crawl even while you spend more time on it.

Confused salesman

How about that?

What’s a business to do? What am I missing

When I worked on my commerce app, HackishWord in 2014, I noticed that trying to get customers this old way is kind of broken, and a slow lane to nowhere most of the time.

We are inundated with product offers every day. Like B.B. King used to say, “The Thrill is gone baby, it’s gone for good.” So of course we ignore every product offer we get!!

See how the logic works! None of us appreciates having our time wasted.

People are only interested if they can see the fulfillment of some strong need that they have.

Wait! I want you to read that statement again, once or twice.

If you miss this key concept, you could spend years in the sales and marketing doldrums, and will wish you’d paid attention when this simple, but not easy, concept, is looking you right in the eye.

That’s Principle # 1 of all successful marketing campaigns.

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For now, let’s see how a marketing giant like Apple applies this exact principle to get oodles of online and offline traffic, in the process generating billions in revenue and brand value. Ready?

Think, for a second, about Apple. What comes to mind?


I bet that’s the last thing that came to your mind.

People trying to get bucks off you?

Not unless you operate a corporate buying account and have to purchase Apple equipment for millions of dollars.

No, for most of us, whether you like Apple, love Apple, or hate Apple, it’s like we almost never see the salespeople in the process.

They are “Apple Store Assistants”, “Phone Service Reps”, “Support”, what-have you. But a guy trying to get you to buy?! Eeeuw! No.

But someone has to sell, right?! Who’s actually doing the selling in Cupertino, Calif.?

Welcome to your new bag of tricks. I want you to try this out next time you want your kid to do something for you.

Instead of saying: “Hey Pink, take the trash out.”

To the usual groans and complaints, this time take out a bag of goodies, and say something like:

“Hey honey, let’s get some of this. But oh, we need to get the garbage out of here.”

That’s bribing, I hear you say. But you’d reward someone for making effort, it’s only natural, no? Then why would your customers ever behave any different. You’re treating them like cash-machines, and not as actual, living, breathing, feeling human beings.

What’s in it for me?

That should be the question you ask for any major use of your time and effort and attention, and that’s exactly what’s going to be top of your clients’ mind when you’re walking up and trying to make your sales pitch.

Valuable brands like Apple get this tricky psychology, and it pays them well, to the tune of $40 Billion Q4 revenue in 2014.

Apple makes their product perceived benefits for the customer so top of mind, and front and center, that the actual payment from the customer is only a secondary hindrance that the customer willingly contributes so they can get their hands on all the benefits that Apple is “bundling” out to them.

What if you could sell like that?

If you can craft an offer that compelling, people start paying attention to you. Before you ever talk to them.

Before you ever offer them anything.

You become known as the guy who pulls rabbits out of a regular old hat.

“How do they do it?”

“Wow, this product is amazing!”

“I gotta tell all my friends.”

And you get people beating a path down to your door.

More people than you can deal with. Soon, you gonna need more salespeople.

But they won’t be salespeople anymore. They will be “Customer Sales Reps to support all your clients who are trooping in like the Navy Seals”.

So if there is one key take away from this post, I want you to get the benefits-for-less-than-it-costs mindset to properly communicate your brand. And I also want you to get the key to growing a huge inbound traffic flow from referrals and viral network effects based on the perceived and validated benefits of your product from people who have tasted your offer and can attest to how good your offer is.

How can I help you with your brand communication? feel free to reach out: or leave a comment.

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